It was a sweltering June day here in Austin, Texas, when a truck pulled up in front of our client’s home with a very important delivery: two steel metal boxes. It may have taken five grown men to maneuver these boxes into the backyard, but the results are more than worth their efforts!

steel raised bed

Our client first contacted us in the spring about installing a raised bed in her backyard. A newcomer to Austin, she was excited to finally have gardening space and wanted to take full advantage of the sunny days of summer ahead. After evaluating her space, we settled on two raised beds: one in a bright corner of the backyard for fruits, vegetables, and herbs; and another in a shadier spot by the porch for native and locally sourced flowers. Steel metal fit with the modern and sleek design aesthetic of their home.

The vegetable border garden in the corner will feature three obelisk trellises to support climbing plants. They’re also hardscaping pieces that attract the eye and elevate the beauty of the raised bed to match the surroundings. At Lettuce Grow Something, we believe that gardens shouldn’t just be functional, they should be design elements that you’re pleased to show off to your friends.

In the pollinator garden, inland sea oats will grow tall to give texture to the box, while coreopsis and various native flowers will attract beneficial insects.

On the day of the installation, the steel metal boxes proved extremely heavy, and it took a lot of strategy and strength to haul the boxes off the truck and roll them end over end down a narrow gravel path between the house and the fence, all the way to their places in the backyard.

We added gravel to the area underneath the corner bed to level it. The pollinator garden fit perfectly on top of existing paving stones and gravel.

Next, we added our preferred soil blend, a layer of compost, and irrigation, which connected to existing sprinkler lines. After moving the 1,000-pound boxes into place, planting was a breeze.

No matter how much space you have in your backyard or patio, we’d love to help you build a garden that brings beauty, functionality, and joy. We can schedule your consultation and have you growing your own greens in no time–no experience required!