From on-site consultation to the day of installation, Lettuce Grow Something is here to give you everything you need to get growing!

Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough of our design process.

Step One: On-Site Consultation

We perform on-site and virtual consultations so that we can best design your garden with your goals in mind.

First, our garden consultant will analyze your outdoor space to determine the best location for your garden. We will discuss your garden design options with you and show you pictures of past designs for inspiration. We aim to match the overall style of your home with the garden design so that your kitchen garden feels like a natural extension of your living space.

Your garden consultant can provide critical information regarding Austin’s growing seasons, and we throw in our Central Texas Planting Guide to better help you make your first year with your new raised bed kitchen garden a successful one.

The main goal of the consultation is to take measurements of your space, gain a full understanding of your goals for your garden, and answer any and all questions you may have before moving forward.

Pictured above and below is an existing space we visited last year. The homeowners wanted taller beds that would be more convenient for tending and allow them to better grow deeper-rooted plants like tomatoes and kale. They also wanted a more modern update and ground cover that would better deter weeds.

Step Two: Design Prep and Installation

We can prepare either a raised bed kitchen garden design (up to 300 square feet) or a kitchen garden planting plan (up to 100 square feet) for you.

You can expect your kitchen garden design and installation estimate within seven to 14 business days after your consultation.

Your kitchen garden design will look something like the picture below and is intended to give you an idea of what’s possible in your space.

If you’re happy with the design, you can choose between DIY or turnkey installation. For DIY, we give you a supply list, measurements, and instructions for creating the look we’ve designed for you.

For turnkey installation, we perform all the work of clearing the area, building the raised beds, filling the beds with the best soil mix, planting, and adding irrigation.

Step Three: Source Plants and Materials

We work with local sources and pick the most sustainable and durable materials possible for your custom raised beds. Whether your dream raised bed is made of wood, Corten steel, or stone, we have curated expert suppliers and fantastic products for you.

Based on your plant preferences, we bring in organically grown starter plants from local nurseries or sow seeds into your raised beds. We prioritize your favorites for that growing season so that you can look forward to harvesting something yummy from your kitchen garden very soon.

We add trellises to give your climbing plants support and to provide year-round beauty to your garden space.

Step Four: Install

If you’ve selected a turnkey garden, then installation is a busy one for us and an exciting day for you as we do all the hard work and heavy lifting.

During installation, we will first remove any grass and prepare the area.

We run irrigation lines to the raised beds so that your plants can be watered on a regular schedule, even while you’re traveling. Then, we lay gravel over a mesh barrier to deter the growth of weeds.

The gravel pathways and borders help define the space and provide easy access to and from your garden.

It’s finally time to bring in your raised beds, level them, install trellises, and fill the beds with Lettuce Grow Something’s custom soil blend that will nurture your plants for years to come.

Step Five: Plant

Our favorite part of installation day is rolling up our sleeves and planting healthy starter plants for the current Austin, Texas, growing season in your raised beds.

In just one day, your outdoor space will turn from the “before” into the “after” and be filled with leaves, herbs, and fruiting plants you’ll be able to harvest and enjoy very soon.

One month after your installation, we’ll come back to check in with you during an after-installation coaching session to address any questions or concerns you may have now that you’ll have been working in the space for a while.

Our goal is to leave you with a productive and beautiful kitchen garden space that will flourish and bring you joy for years to come.

Designing gardens and making your gardening dreams come true is what we love most.

If you’re ready to make this your best gardening year yet (or your first gardening year ever), schedule an onsite or virtual consultation, and we can get started!