Large Garden Custom Design

Transform your backyard with our large custom raised bed garden installations. Our expert team designs and installs custom raised bed gardens that fit your unique needs and style. Discover the benefits of raised bed gardening, including improved soil quality and better drainage, and explore our portfolio of stunning garden installations. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our custom raised bed gardens will help you achieve your dream garden. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


Our clients in Dripping Springs, TX were eager to enhance their gardening experience, and we were thrilled to help them achieve their goals with a stunning raised bed garden installation.

Lettuce Grow Something’s first step was to visit their yard and discuss their current gardening setup and any issues they were facing. We also took precise measurements to ensure that the new raised beds would fit perfectly in their space.

It was a pleasure working with such wonderful clients who were passionate about improving their garden, and we’re proud to have played a part in their gardening journey.

The Design

After assessing the available space, we collaborated with our clients to create a raised bed garden design that maximized the area while providing plenty of room for growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The design we came up with not only opened up the space but also created numerous garden beds that could accommodate their gardening needs.

We’re thrilled to have helped our clients create a functional and beautiful garden that they can enjoy for years to come.


Let’s get to the exciting part! The raised bed garden installation involved several stages, starting with the demolition of the existing setup and preparing the ground for the new garden.

We also set up an efficient irrigation system to ensure that the plants would receive the right amount of water.

Then, we brought in the raised beds, which were filled with our specially formulated soil mix.

We added arch trellises and bed trim to enhance the garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Finally, we hooked up the drip irrigation system and had an enjoyable planting day.

It was a pleasure to see the garden come together and we’re confident that our clients will enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Our attention to detail and careful planning will pay off in the coming months as our client watches their garden plants grow and thrive. It’s always satisfying to see a garden filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit! 

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Ways we can work together…

Garden Coaching

If you don’t know where to start or feel like you don’t have a green thumb, grow your garden with us through 1:1 Coaching.

Garden Design

If you’re ready to have a beautiful garden and just need the design done for you, book a consultation and we’ll design a custom raised bed garden that’s tailored for your space.

Garden Installation

If you just want to walk out your back door and see a beautiful garden, without putting in all the work to make it happen, LGS offers design + installation services.