Have you ever zipped out to the garden and noticed a pepper or little cherry tomato ready to harvest, so you plucked it and tossed it into your pants pocket, only to promptly forget about it until after those pants had been through the wash? (No? Is it just me?)

Anyways, I recently treated myself to my first gardening apron, and now I have a designated place to keep all my harvests safe until I bring them into the kitchen. My apron also protects my clothes from dirt and debris, just like a chef’s apron does in the kitchen when you’re baking or frying. 

I highly recommend buying yourself a gardening apron if you don’t have one. They also make great gardening gifts for the hobbyist or master gardener in your life. 

Let’s look at the different types of gardening aprons, and then I’ll give you my top picks. 

best gardening apron for the everday gardener

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A gardening apron not only protects your clothes while you’re working, it also keeps your hands free to prune, water, and harvest to your heart’s content. Depending on the type of pockets your apron has, they can hold your hand tools, seed packets, weeds you’ve pulled, fruits and veggies you’ve harvested, flower heads you’ve deadheaded—really anything you regularly bring to and from the garden space.

It’s also nice to have a handy pocket for your cellphone so you can listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while you work. (Skip the earbuds. Plants like music too!)

If for no other reason, buy yourself an apron because you are a gardener and you deserve to have whatever tools of the trade that make you happy!

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You can choose between two different types of aprons: a full apron or a half apron. The best option for you really just comes down to personal preference and functionality.

Full-Body Aprons Protect You from Dirt & Debris

Full-coverage aprons, AKA bib aprons, go around your neck and tie in the back to cover your torso and upper legs. They’re a great option for gardeners who do a lot of heavy-duty work outside.

Perks of a Full Apron

These offer maximum protection from dirt, dust, and hose splashes while you’re working in the garden. Most full aprons have a large central pocket or top pocket and a number of pockets on the side that can hold your go-to garden implements.

Drawbacks of a Full Apron

Depending on the apron material, something that covers most of your front half might quickly make you feel hot and uncomfortable, especially in the warmer months.

These aprons are also more bulky. Having a short torso myself, I sometimes feel like a full apron is wearing me instead of the other way around, you know? While I can bunch up a kitchen apron around the waist to make it the right length for me, doing so with a garden apron would likely remove quick access to the pockets.

best gardening apron

Half Aprons Can Hold All Your Important Tools

These types of aprons, also called waist aprons, are more like gardening tool belts that tie or clip around your waist. They’re great for light gardening tasks and tool storage.

Perks of a Half Apron

Half aprons are typically made of lighter materials than full aprons, so you might find yourself staying cooler in summer with this style. Half aprons often won’t come down as far on your legs as a full apron, making them ideal for us shorter folks. They also make great storage caddies for your favorite gardening tools—just hang your little apron on a hook and grab it whenever you’re headed out to the garden.

Drawbacks of a Half Apron

A half apron obviously won’t cover as much of your front as a full apron would. Most half aprons have smaller pockets too, so you might not be able to fit as much plant material or yummy harvests inside. A half apron might also sag a bit around your waist since they don’t have the extra neck strap for support.

best gardening aprons

Photo credit: Roo Gardening Co: roogardening.com

All right, it’s time for the fun part. I’ve picked some of the best gardening aprons on the market so you can find a good fit for you. None of these aprons will break the bank, so shop with guilt-free anticipation for all the delicious things you’ll soon be carrying in your top pick!


The best apron for you might come down to personal style. Just look for something with an adjustable neck strap. Here are some of my favorite options:

The Roo Apron from Roo Gardening

I recently bought myself the Roo gardening apron in the color blue lagoon and have been absolutely loving it for harvesting. It features a super handy large pouch in the front that’s designed to hold all your harvests; when you’re finished, all you have to do is remove the bottom of the pouch and let your harvest fall into your colander for easy cleaning. The same goes for tossing weeds into the trash.

The entire apron is made of machine-washable industrial-strength cotton lined with water-resistant nylon for added durability. In addition to the large center pouch, it also has three storage pockets for smaller garden tools. I find it doesn’t come down too far on my legs, and the straps distribute the weight well across my shoulders so I never feel any strain.

best gardening apron

Photo credit: Roo Gardening Co: roogardening.com

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Ironwood Tool Co. Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Apron

This apron comes with padded shoulder straps for comfort and a drawstring closure, which means you can easily adjust both the length of the neck and the sides by pulling on the strap before buckling. The double stitching on the pockets, the metal grommets around the straps, and the waxed canvas material all add durability to this tough bib apron. Plus, it’s a rich camel brown color, which hides dirt.

With twelve pockets and fabric loops, all your tools are in easy reach. The only negative is waxed canvas isn’t machine washable. You can only wipe it clean with a wet rag.

Esschert Design Canvas Tool Apron

This is a good gardening apron with all the basics: five front pockets to hold all your important gardening tools, a cell phone pocket, and adjustable straps around your neck and waist. It’s also machine washable. I really like the combination of the olive green body and the brown pockets.

Pleated Cotton Apron

If you’re just looking for a long apron to protect your clothing, not necessarily something that can hold all your tools, this is a really beautiful option that gives strong cottage core vibes. You can tie the straps around your neck or wear the apron as a cross back for a super comfortable fit. The pleated bottom will come down past your knees for full-body protection.

This one is made of 100% cotton and has two invisible pockets perfect for holding your weekly cherry tomato harvest. You can adjust the waist and the bust by moving the button to three different levels on the back.

Denim Tool Apron

This lightweight, waterproof apron features four deep pockets including two” kangaroo-style” hand pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and a drawstring closure in the back. It’s machine washable, and the pockets are reinforced for added durability. Measuring 2.5 feet tall, this would be a great option for a male gardener or taller person.

Texas Canvas Wares Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Apron

This is my favorite option for men who want a high-quality, versatile apron for a great price. It was actually voted the top pick for a woodworking magazine, but it would serve equally well in the garden to store tools and small produce.

Each brown apron is handcrafted with waterproof canvas and custom dyed. The adjustable waist straps run through steel grommets and then cross in the back to relieve shoulder pressure. There are even removable shoulder pads for greater comfort. I like how the reinforced front pockets have flaps so you can tuck things away for safekeeping.


With a waist apron, most of the options you’ll find will either be better for carrying produce or tools, but typically not both. Load these things down too much, and your pants will be sagging while you’re out in the garden, so choose wisely which one’s best for you.

The Joey Apron from Roo Gardening

This is the waist apron version of the one that I bought. While it won’t offer you too much by way of protection, it will easily allow you to carry your entire garden harvest in a single trip (I mean, unless you’re carrying watermelons or something). Like the Roo Apron, the Joey has the large front pouch that conveniently opens at the bottom when it’s time to empty out your harvests. (Call me a sucker for good marketing, but I also like how cute these product names are.)

Thanks to its design, this apron is better for carrying your harvests than your tools, but you can still clip some essentials around your waist. You can choose the color of your garden apron from their fun options, and all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

best garden apron

Photo credit: Roo Gardening Co: roogardening.com

Use coupon code LGSATX for 10% off your total order.

Codree Harvest Apron

This great budget pick is ideal for carrying your harvests, hauling weeds you’ve pulled to the trash, or even gathering eggs if you’ve got chickens.

It’s made of oxford cloth and has one large pocket that spans the entire front of the apron, plus four smaller pockets. Two of them can be zipped closed, so you can stash your little peppers or berries safely inside without having to worry they’ll fall out when you bend over.

I do wish this product came in more colors, but the green is cute enough to satisfy me.

Carhartt Half Apron for Men

This option is a classic tool belt made of cotton duck canvas, which is popular with heavy duty workwear thanks to its durability. (Note that this fabric is hand wash only.) The belt around the waist can be adjusted and has a quick-release buckle. It’s also designed so that you can loop more gardening tools around it.

There are four large pockets in the front, plus two small pockets for pencils, or maybe sprigs of rosemary?

Enjoy Your Garden Apron!

I hope this guide helps you pick something for yourself (or your gardener friend) that will be loved and used for years.

If you’re shopping for yourself, I recommend taking your apron for a little spin as soon as it comes in. Practice bending to pick up your watering can and squatting to pull a weed to make sure your apron doesn’t get in the way or bother you too much. Stuff the apron pockets with your gardening essentials to make sure it holds everything you need it to. If it’s hot outside, make sure your apron doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a black trash bag around your body. If it doesn’t work for any reason, return it and try a different one.

Let us know if you grab one of these aprons for yourself or give one as a gift. We’d love to hear your thoughts!