5 Cool Season Vegetables You Can Grow in 30 Days


Radishes are like that friend who’s always first to arrive at the party – they sprout up faster than you can say “salad crunch”!

Green Onions

Need to add a sprinkle of zing to your dishes? Green onions leap from the ground, eager to join the flavor party. These guys aren’t just quick – they’re practically sprinters in the plant world.


In the leafy family, lettuce is the cool cousin that prefers to hang out in lower temps. It’s the base of any solid salad and, lucky for us, it comes in a tapestry of types.


Beloved by cartoon sailors and health buffs alike, spinach is a superfood that’s a cinch to grow when the sun takes a hike. These leafy greens dream of cool days and soil rich in organic matter.

Pea Shoots

Did you know the entire pea plant is edible? Pea shoots will sprout in just a couple of days, and you’ll be able to harvest shoots, which are an immature version of the plant, in just 2 to 3 weeks.

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