1. When to Plant

The best time to sow corn seeds is about 1 to 2 weeks after your last anticipated frost of the season.

2. Where to Plant

Plant in nutrient rich soil that drains well, such as raised beds or large containers grouped together. Corn needs to be grown close together for good wind pollination. It also needs full sun of 8hrs.

3. How to Plant

Sow seeds 1" deep every 8" with 8"-10" between rows. You don’t want plant a single row because the plants need to be in more of a block formation for best pollination. Fit as many rows as possible in your space.

4. When to Harvest

Corn ears are typically ready for harvest about 18 to 24 days after silks emerge, assuming they’ve been pollinated. The top silks turn golden and then deep brown when they’re ready.

5. How to Harvest

The best time of day to harvest is early in the morning when the kernels will be at their sweetest. To harvest, give each ear of corn a little twist while pulling downward until it breaks off.