1. When to Plant

The best time to plant tomatillos is about 2 to 3 weeks after your last anticipated frost of the season. They do best when overnight lows don't dip below 50 degrees. MUST PLANT 2 tomatillo plants for proper pollination.

2. Where to Plant

Plant in nutrient rich soil that drains well, such as raised beds or large containers. Tomatillos needs 8hrs of direct sunlight. Plant next to a trellis for the branches to be supported or allow space for the branches to sprawl over the surrounding ground.

3. How to Plant

Tomatillos, like their cousin tomatoes, can be planted all the way up to their first set of leaves. Planting them this deeply encourages the plants to form roots along the buried stem, which creates a strong foundation for later. If you are sowing seeds, sow 1/4″ deep, and space plants 18″ to 24″ apart along a support structure. Make sure to water the planting area well.

4. When to Harvest

Tomatillo fruits are typically ready for harvest about 60 to 85 days after being planted outdoors, depending on the variety you’re growing. If the husk is loose around the fruit and the fruit inside feels small and hard, it’s not yet ready. Ripe tomatillos are firm, with just the slightest softening of the flesh. The husk should be just beginning to dry to that paper-like texture and the color of straw.

5. How to Harvest

To harvest tomatillos, use a clean pair of pruners to cut the stem just above the fruit. Make sure to keep your plants picked to encourage them to form more fruits for you. You can expect about a pound of fruit from each plant over the course of the growing season.