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Container Gardening Ideas

(perfect for beginners)

plants for  container gardening

1. Herbs 2. Salad Greens 3. Potatoes 4. Root vegetables such as carrots, radishes, etc.   5. Tomatoes 6. Cucumbers 7. Squash And more...

things to use for container gardening

1. Terra Cotta Pots 2. Plastic Pots 3. Large Ceramic Pots 4. Concrete Pots 5. Wooden Containers, such as whiskey barrels 6. Fabric Grow Bags 7. 5-Gallon Buckets 8. Garden Towers 9. Galvanized Steel Tubs

best Organic potting soil for vegetables

1. Fox Farms Ocean Forest 2. Epsoma Organic Potting Mix 3. Coast of Maine Premium Potting Soil

Here are a few tips on how to have container gardening success.


Proper Drainage

Make sure the pot or container you’ve chosen has at least one good drainage hole.


cover the bottom of the container

Cover the bottom of the container with weed barrier cloth or burlap so that soil doesn’t run out the drainage holes when you water.



Place containers before filling them, especially if they’re large. If you plan to grow fruiting plants, make sure to set them somewhere they’ll receive full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours per day).


prepare for planting

Fill your container almost to the top with potting mix.


Add vertical support if needed

Add a trellis to the container if you plan to grow a vining plant so it’ll have a sturdy structure to climb. You can find obelisk trellises in all sizes to fit your container, but make sure to add them before planting so that you don’t disturb any roots.



It’s time to plant! Larger containers allow you to grow several plants together, so don’t be afraid to interplant with other things that have similar needs as far as hours of sunlight and water.

I’ve spent the last decade teaching my followers how to grow their own food. Growing veggies doesn't always mean you need a ton of space. Learn more about container gardening by tapping the link below.