Container Gardening Vegetables

Container gardening is a great way to dip your toes into gardening and the perfect way to grow more in small spaces or just grow more!

VEGGIES YOU CAN Grow IN A container

1. Herbs 2. Salad Greens 3. Potatoes 4. Root vegetables such as carrots, radishes, etc.   5. Tomatoes 6. Cucumbers 7. Squash and more...


1. Terra Cotta Pots 2. Plastic Pots 3. Large Ceramic Pots 4. Concrete Pots 5. Wooden Containers, such as whiskey barrels 6. Fabric Grow Bags 7. 5-Gallon Buckets 8. Garden Towers 9. Galvanized Steel Tubs

best Organic potting soil for vegetables

1. Fox Farms Ocean Forest 2. Epsoma Organic Potting Mix 3. Coast of Maine Premium Potting Soil

I’ve spent the last decade teaching my followers how to grow their own food. Growing veggies doesn't always mean you need a ton of space. Learn more about container gardening by tapping the link below.