How to Fertilize Your Vegetable Plants

1. Granular 2. Liquid 3. Compost

Types of Fertilizer

My favorite two are compost and liquid.

The best time to apply granular fertilizer and compost to your vegetable garden is before planting each growing season. Liquid fertilizer is used throughout the plants lifecycle.

When to Apply Fertilizer

When plants are beginning to grow or are leafy greens then stick to fertilzers wth higher N-Nitrogen ratio. If you have a plant that will flower and grow fruit then you will want to switch to a higher P-phosphorus ratio fertilizer.

Leafy greens and new plants

Flowers and fruiting plants

Newly planted plants

To determine how much fertilizer you need for your vegetable garden, calculate the square feet of your garden bed and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific type of fertilizer you’re using.

How Much  Fertilizer to Use

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