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How to Grow  Beets in Texas

(or any warm climate)

when to plant beets

Beets love cooler weather and are typically grown in the spring and fall.  The best time to plant beets in the fall is late August to October, and in the spring, February to April.

Where to plant beets

1. Raised Beds 2. Container Gardens Plant your beets somewhere they’ll receive at least 6 to 8 hours of sun each day.

Here are a few tips on how to plant, tend and harvest beets.


Prepare the soil

Before you plant beets, use a shovel to loosen the soil down about 8 to 10 inches deep. Remove any debris, twigs, and weeds that might cause the developing root to feel cramped. Add 1"-2" of compost to the new planting area.


how to Plant beets

Plant your beet seeds about 1/2" deep and 3"-4" apart in your garden. Water well and keep soil moist until they sprout.


how to thin beets

For large beets you will want to thin them when they are about 2" tall. Cut out the smaller plants and keep a 3"-4" space between each seedling.


How to tend beets

1. Water regularly. If soil is dry 1"-2" deep, it's time to water. 2. Fertilize with a phosphorus based fertilizer  if needed. 3. Prune off dead and damaged leaves if needed.



One thing I love about growing root crops like beets is that you can eat their greens anytime! You’ll harvest the actual beet root once it’s between 1″ and 3″ in diameter.



Gently tug on the greens to harvest beet roots. Clip off the greens to enjoy fresh and store your beets in a cool place inside a plastic bag or reusable container.

I’ve spent the last decade teaching my followers how to grow their own food. Growing veggies doesn't always mean you need a ton of space. Learn more about growing beets by tapping the link below.