1. When to Plant

The best time to add new blueberry plants to your garden is in the early spring or late fall. This gives plants time to settle in before extreme temps (hot or cold) arrive to stress them out.

2. Where to Plant

For best results, grow blueberries in a large container or raised bed garden. If you want to grow in the ground, you’ll need to amend the soil we have here in Texas.

3. How to Plant

Fill your container, raised bed or amend in ground with an acidic soil blend. My soil recipe for growing blueberries is  40% compost, 40% peat moss, and 20% coarse sand.

4. When to Harvest

You’ll know blueberries are ready when they’ve gone from a light pink or white to green to light blue and then dark blue. Berries should come right off the stem when you brush your hand underneath them if they’re fully ripe.

5. How to Prune 

Once you’ve harvested all your delicious berries, prune any weak or older branches to promote new growth in the spring. New growth is what will eventually produce a large harvest for you the following year, not older growth.