How to Grow Cowpeas from Seed to Harvest

1. When to Plant

Cowpeas cannot tolerate frost, so you’ll wait to sow seeds until about 2 weeks after your last frost date of the season.

2. Where to Plant

Plant your cowpeas in a spot that gets full sun to maximize production. While they can tolerate partial shade, you’ll get way more pretty flowers and then pods if you give them at least 6 hours of sun each day.

3. How to Plant

* Soak seeds overnight * Add a layer of compost to new planting area * Plant seeds 4"-6" apart and about 1" deep into the soil * Keep soil moist until they sprout

4. When to Harvest

For fresh pods, the best time to harvest is about 60 days after sowing seeds. For dry peas wait till about 90 days or until the pod is dry and straw colored.

5. How to Harvest

The best way to harvest each pod is by holding the stem with one hand and gently pulling on the pod with the other. You can also use scissors to avoid tearing branches.