1. When to Plant

Cucumbers are warm season plants that thrive when temperatures range from 70 to 85 degrees. Nighttime temps should consistently stay above 55°F .

2. Where to Plant

As with all fruiting plants, it’s important to pick a spot that gets full sun. Cucumbers need at least eight hours of direct sunlight a day to form fruit. You can grow cucumbers in either a raised bed or a large container.  

3. How to Plant

Add a layer of compost to the top of the planting area. Plant seeds 1/2” deep every 10” to 12” inches along the base of a trellis. Water well until seeds srpout.

4. When to Harvest

Most cucumbers are typically ready to harvest about 60 days or so after planting from seed. It’s best to harvest cucumbers before they get too large and bitter-tasting. Plus, leaving fruits on the plant tells it to stop forming new fruits.

5. How to Harvest

To pick, use clean clippers or scissors to cut the stem just above the fruit. Keep picking fruit to encourage the plants to continue producing.