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How to Grow Thyme from Cuttings


gather supplies

Propagating thyme is pretty simple—and a great way to get free plants! To start off, buy organic sprigs of thyme from the grocery store or take a couple cuttings from a mature parent plant. (Most gardeners are happy to give cuttings if you ask!)

If you’re taking cuttings, look for soft wood on the tips of branches (you should be able to bend these sections without breaking them). Take cuttings that are about 4″ to 6″ long.



Using a clean pair of scissors, cut the bottom of each stem at a 45° angle. Strip the lower leaves off the cutting so that the bottom couple of inches are bare. If you have rooting hormone on hand, dip the tips of each cutting to encourage root formation.



Place these cuttings in a glass of water narrow enough to hold all the cuttings upright. The leaves should never touch the water.


care for cuttings

Move the glass to a place that gets indirect light. Change out the water every couple of days. Your cuttings should produce roots within a couple of weeks.


transplant cuttings

Once the roots on your cuttings are a couple inches long, transfer these new plants to a pot filled with potting soil. Use a chopstick or dibber to make holes in the soil large enough to accommodate the fragile roots, and handle each little cutting gently for best results.

I’ve spent the last decade teaching my followers how to grow their own food. Growing veggies doesn't always mean you need a ton of space. Learn more about how to grow thyme from cuttings by tapping the link below.