Green Beans

Green beans are the perfect dinner side or to add to salads for some fresh crunch.


Okra is great roasted in the oven or air fryer with a bit of salt. So good!


Time to make some pesto for pasta or pizza.


Cucumbers are so versatile for salads, pickling or a cool summer water flavor.


Zinnias add beauty to the garden plus they bring in the pollinators to help your garden thrive.


Tomatoes do their best before the heat of the summer hits us. Get these in the garden ASAP.


So many varieties of peppers to grow. Try Shishito peppers for a fun flavor kick to your recipes.


Eggplants look beautiful in the garden, plus roasting them is the way to go!


Homegrown melons are perfect because you get to pick them when they are ripe and so sweet.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is a work horse in the garden. This is one leafy green that can take some heat.

Summer Squash

Summer squash is worth growing just watch for the pesky squash vine borer!